Chillers - Air Handling Units - Evaporation Towers - Fans

Chillers, air handling units, evaporation towers, fans, extractors and machines included in the HVAC sector, can be isolated with different mounts according to the Customer’s needs.

Soleco always recommends using the anti-vibration mount with anti-seismic structure especially if the machine has to be installed on the roof. The particular structure of this anti-vibration device does not only have the task of protecting the machine in case of an earthquake, but of any agent force such as that of the wind. However, depending on the weight of the machine and the its frequency, multi-spring anti-vibration mounts or elastomer dampers and the Bell series can be used.

Soleco for this type of machine and for those clients who have a standardized production, provides a preselection service in order to supply a kit of anti-vibration mounts suitable for each machine model. With this service, delivery times are shorter and installation phases are facilitated. For more information on this service contact our offices.