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Soleco engineering s.r.l. is an italian company operating for over 40 years in the vibration isolation sector.

Soleco is specialized in the analysis, design and manufacture of anti-vibration and seismic mounts. In addition, we have always been passionate about increasingly complex challenges. This led us to gain international prestige as reliable supplier of multinational companies in several sectors, such as: renewable energy, Information Technology, construction and industrial.

We have a wide range of standards products that thanks to the flexibility of our team can be customized to meet your needs. Furthermore, we have a production management system that allows us to guarantee the delivery just in time.

Our anti-vibration mounts, recognized for reliability and quality all over the world, have been used in the realization of international projects in the most various sectors. Especially relevant, our core business are: nuclear, oil and gas, marine industry, transport, residential and commercial.

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