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Seismic kit, Concret Inertia Bases and Anti-vibration bases

Seismic kit, Concret Inertia Bases and Anti-vibration bases


Inertial Bases, Seismic Kit and Anti-vibration Bases designed in special materials according to the Customer’s needs.

Suitable to isolate and protect units such as UPS, transformers and generators.

Soleco anti-vibration devices are used to isolate air conditioning machines, fans, pumps, compressors and generators from vibrations, while ensuring stability in the event of an earthquake or strong gusts of wind.

In case of units that do not require vibration isolation, such as UPS or transformers, Soleco designs and manufactures steel bases capable of reinforcing the machines and always guaranteeing their stability. Thanks to years of experience, Soleco has obtained Seismic Certifications and an ever-increasing demand for its 100% Made in Italy production. Soleco anti-seismic devices are in fact tested and certified at the Polytechnic of Milan.

Last but non least, Soleco has developed a partnership with the most qualified Research Centers to perform tests on a triaxial shake table and issue Seismic Certifications to its Customers who need them.

As in the case of the project developed for the ABB company with a test campaign carried out at the Eucentre laboratory in Pavia. At the 6DLAB laboratory, dynamic tests were carried out on a vibrating table for the seismic qualification of two ABB UPS, protected with an isolation system designed by Soleco engineering s.r.l., according to ICC ES AC156 (2015).

Read the article on our Seismic Bases production: “SOLECO, safety is made in Italy”…



Our seismic bases are designed to guarantee the structural integrity of the unit after an earthquake

We support our customers in performing seismic tests on triaxial shacking table

Special inertial bases to reduce the amplitudes of the vibrations. Ideal for insulating machinery in special environments

Steel bases with elastomer bearings inside suitable for insulating heavy and high frequency machines such as transformers

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