Soleco ANTI-VIBRATION FEET KITS are designed to simplify the installation of anti-vibration mounts under commonly used machinery such as air conditioners for domestic use, small pumps or generators.
The colors identify the weight of the machine and inside each package you can find a kit of screws, washers and nuts and instructions for installation.
All anti-vibration feet are made of THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER which unlike rubber, has a high resistance to tearing, atmospheric aging, ozone, detergents, UV rays and also resists temperatures from -45 ° C to +110 ° C. In addition the surface has slip-proof, flexible embossing which allow the charged anti-vibration mount to stand by friction and at the same time reduce the transmission of noise.

Mna and NOCE kit are protected by PATENT.

All kits can be supplied with a practical steel COUNTER DISPLAY. For more information, send an email to

UV resistant
Suitable for hostile environments
Suitable for environments with extreme temperatures
Quick and easy installation