Soleco elastomeric dampers are suitable for isolating the HIGH frequencies generated by machines such as generators, transformers, air treatment units …
The thermoplastic elastomer, used to produce the plate and the base, is ideal for use in temperatures ranging from -45°C to +110°C for the 35, 45 and 70 ShA and from -55°C to +135°C for the 60 ShA. Furthermore, it has a high resistance to ageing, pollutants, hydrocarbons, salt mist, UV rays and detergents it’s made by recyclable material.
The surface of the plate and the base has slip-proof, flexible embossing which allow the charged
anti-vibration mount to stand by friction and at the same time reduce the transmission of noise.


Available in versions with a UL94-V0 SELF-EXTINGUISHING compound.

UV resistant
Suitable for environments with extreme temperatures
Suitable for hostile environments