Components description

Introduzione_Giunti unoflexThe UNOFLEX joint is formed of:

a – Elastic body “mouthpiece” which ensures the best elastic performance with temperature –40°C up to +130°C and longest life. On request it’s possible a special realization of the mouthpiece for different application.

b – Flange in light alloy and/or steel, design PN 10 – PN 16. disegno3
c – Collar in light alloy, designed to receive the elastic body and protect in against light and atmospheric agents’ aggresivity. disegno4
d – Connector “diverging body” in light alloy provided with internal straightening fins in  order to avoid turbolence and to normalize the fluid’s flow. Available in STEEL at request. disegno5

For the diameter from dn 25 to dn 50 the flanges and the collar are one part. disegno download