Diameters and characteristics

Introduzione_Giunti unoflex

The main features of UNOFLEX Joints are related to their elastic and hydraulic performances: the elastic one consists in the application of the shear modulus for both axial and torsional strains, the hydraulic one in the execution of the ’Venturi tube’. UNOFLEX Joints are used in pairs to limit expansions due to heat.

The UNOFLEX joint is formed of:

a – elastic body “for the locking” b – flanges c – collar d – Connector ”diverging”

They are made of light alloy or on request of stainless steel. The elastic elements in elastomer compounds are suitable for various needs and for temperatures up to  +130°C and –40°. Central finnings inside the connector element permit the normalization of  the flows and in the meanwhile an increased antisound and anti-vibration effectiveness. Fluids reach the UNOFLEX joint from the side marked by a relief arrow on the connector connection.