Examples installation

Introduzione_Giunti unoflex

Examples of Soleco elastic connections used to install pumps and compressors: UNOFLEX joints and EMCF – TF and BB line anti-vibration mounts are used to dampen vibrations.
Fig. A Pumps isolated from ground using EMCF line anti-vibration spring mounts and from pipings using UNOFLEX joints. disegno
Fig. B Heater isolated from ground by BB rubber mounts and from pipings by UNOFLEX joints. Pipings are clamped to TF line hangers. disegno2
Fig. C Pump connected to pipings through 2 UNOFLEX joints, which stand directly the pump weight. disegno3
UNOFLEX joints do not require excursion locks. The fluid pressure does not affect the elastic properties of the joint and its flexibility guarantees mechanical and noise isolation.

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