Introduction UNOFLEX joints

UNOFLEX joints are intended for mechanical insulation

UNOFLEX joints are intended for mechanical insulation and soundproofing along pressurized pipings. In the field of mechanical vibrations, the insulating efficiency of any joint depends on its elastic compliance, which should exist at all loading conditions the joints might be submitted to. In the field of acoustical vibrations, where the displacements are of almost negligible amplitudes, the soundproofing efficiency is to be found only in the softness of elastic material employed to perform the required break along the sound path.

UNOFLEX joints should work in traction In order to install the joint working in traction, rods are delivered together with the joint, to be used only to adjust the joint’s lenght so it will work in traction when the rods, after the joint’s installation, are removed.

Important We recommended to install UNOFLEX joints between pipe ends that are perfectly in line, adjacent to the origin of mechanical or acustical vibrations, as pumps, exchangers, compressors a.s.o. When water or other liquids are flowing in the tubings, we recommend that the joints be installed vertically, to avoid stagnation of vapour or air locks, and also because doing so, the pipe’s alignement will not be affected by variations of the tubing’s trueness due, for instance, to the charging of the system. During installation make attention for the prolongation of the of the hydrostatic pressure and of the over loading.

UNOFLEX joints should work in traction, but they can stand compressive loads, provided they are of less value than the hydrostatic pressure. figura giunti unoflexdisegno disegno2 download