Joints with different flange

Introduzione_Giunti unoflex

The UNOFLEX joint can be supplied with different flanges either for the DN or the PN. 
In the table reporting the different combinations, the first number refers to the diameter of the inlet flange, while the second number refers to the outlet flange.

Pressure losses:

The diagram showing pressure losses to capacity was built on data recorded on an experimental set-up and completed applying the principle of similarity.
Practical tests on actual plants have proved the validity of the diagram.
The diagram hereunder shows the efficacy of the UNOFLEX joint as a flow equalizer. Practical situations have in fact been verified when these joints, inserted immediately after the pumps, have not altered the total resistance of the plant; not only, but the presence of UNOFLEX joints has favoured the recovery of losses due to th turbolence of the flow.