RZb – RXb

Anti-vibration multispring mounts RZb.. – RXb.. line

Height: 72 mmAntivibration multispring mounts RZb.. - RXb.. line CONSTRUCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS

  • n° 7 springs in harmonic steel UNI EN 10270-1 SH with surface protected by cataphoretic treatment.
  • n° 2 zinc steel plates  5mm thick containing the springs, coated in thermoplastic with high resistance against the hydrocarbons and the ozone, stamped by injection. The plate surface is provided with anti-skid deformable rolls for a frictional standing of the mount. Each spring is fastened on the plate with adhesive.

On request:

  • Dusty epoxy painting for the springs as our RAL schedule.
  • JACK M12, M16 or M20 with reduction to M16 in stainless steel with zinc or stainless steel inox, AISI 304, it is recommended to gauge the machine. For high loads it’s recommended to use the PLATE in zinc steel as “JACK HOLDER”. The plate consent to distribute uniformly the load on the anti-vibration mount.
  • REDUCED PLATE AS JACK HOLDER coated with zinc to be used to gange the heighness of the anti-vibration mount when it’s installed with other mounts provided with the plate.