Anti-vibrating monospring mounts JYPWr.. – JYPVr.. line

Antivibrating monospring mounts JYPWr.. - JYPVr.. lineHeight: 88 mm 


  • 1 spring in harmonic steel UNI EN 10270-1 SH with surface protected by cataphoretic treatment. The spring is locked to the head and base plate byforced fitting .
  • n° 2 steel plates thick 5mm plated with zinc containing the spring, one plate has 4 holes, 2 for the insertion of the braces “spring locking”, 2 for the anchorage to the ground. The other plate has 2 holes for the insertion of the braces spring locking. The system of spring locking is used to avoid the suspended machine from swinging when it is moved.
  • 2 screws with toothed nuts and washers in zinc-plated steel to block the spring elasticity .
  • n° 2 gaskets antioil elastomer applied on the two plates permits to the mount high frequencies.

All the metal parts except the spring are treated by electrolytic with white zinc UNI ISO 2081

On request:

  • Dusty epoxy painting for the springs as our RAL schedule.
  • Jack available in stainless steel or steel coated with zinc AISI 304, it is recommended to gauge the machine.