Anti-vibrating monospring mounts KF.. line

Antivibrating monospring mounts KF.. lineHeight: 80 mm


  • n° 1 spring made of harmonic steel UNI EN 1070-1 SH with surface protected by cataphoretic treatment.
  • n° 2 plates containing the spring made with steel plated with zinc. Head plate and  base plate 6 mm. thick furnished with holes for the anchorage to the floor.
  • n° 2 shaped disks with sleeve for the spring locking to the plates. a sleeve with a hole M8 is used for the anchorage to the base of the suspended machine or for the jack insertion.

On request:

  • Dusty epoxy painting for the springs as our RAL schedule.
  • Jack available in stainless steel or steel coated with zinc AISI 304, it is recommended to gauge the machine.