Elastic suspension anti-vibrating – NGW – NGV

Elastic suspension antivibrating - NGW – NGVHeight: 295 mm

The suspensions of this line allow a deflection between 19 and 47 mm, depending on the load in schedule. To identify the suitable model for the insulation of the frequencies in use, refer to the nomograph.


  • Zinc plated steel structure dimensioned  to resist to the load in schedule.
  • n° 1 spring in harmonic steel UNI EN 10270-1 SH with surface protected by cataphoretic treatment.
  • n° 2 plates as container and spring guide, formed with steel disks covered with thermoplastic material resistant for the ozone and hydrocarbons, agings detergents, UV ray, for high and low temperature from –50°C to 120°C.
  • Zinced steel screws dimensioned with the load in the schedule.
  • Elastic gasket with zinc steel plate placed on the head and base plate of the structure, to guarantee the insulation continuity from the mechanical and sonic vibration in the two hanging points.

On request:

  • Dusty epoxy painting for the spring as our RAL schedule.
  • * Eye-bolt M16 for hanging to the fixing point.