Suspensions line NMN

Suspensions line NMNHeight: 150 mm

The suspensions of this line allow a deflection between 10 and 22 mm, depending on the load in schedule. To identify the suitable model for the insulation of the frequencies in use, refer to the nomograph.


  • 1 spring in harmonic steel UNI EN 10270-1 SH with surface protected by cataphoretic treatment.
  • 2 plates containing the spring in elastomer with mechanical resistance, hydrocarbons and against aging.
  • steel structure protected by cataphoretic treatment and painted with epoxy powder
  • 2  screws and nuts to anchorage on the top and to the base mount.
  • Elastic body to dumper the sonic frequencies.

On request:

  • Dusty epoxy painting for the spring as our RAL schedule.
  • * Eye-bolt M8 or M10 for hanging to the fixing point.