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Generators - Compressors

Generators - Compressors

The experience gained in the isolation of machines such as generators and compressors, has led us to conclude that the best solution to avoid damage to the machine and isolate vibrations is the use of anti-vibration mounts with anti-seismic structure. Elastomeric dampers or Bell mounts can also be used with excellent results.

However, we prefer to advise the customer to send a technical sheet of the unit, with the relative fixing points and the indications regarding the site where the machine will be installed in order to provide the best solution. Furthermore, it must be taken into account that machines with rotating parts (fans, pumps, generators, etc.) are influenced by multiple resonances during start-up and shutdown.

To avoid this problem, Soleco offers a special version of the LaL/LaLS anti-vibration mount with anti-seismic structure with elastomer rings inserted inside the springs. This solution guarantees the machine, in addition to vibration isolation, stability and greater anchoring safety.