Design and Production of Anti-vibration mounts and Seismic Devices

We have a wide range of products in the catalog, which can be used in the insulation of machines such as: generators, chillers, pumps, solar panels, air handling units, UPS, transformers and compressors.

Customer Service



We follow every step of the production cycle to ensure highest quality of our anti-vibration mounts


We provide our Customers with the best solutions for their specific isolation needs and applications, thanks to the experience of our engineers and to the innovative load estimation software


Our team responses fast to your requests reaching you wherever you are, thus, guaranteeing you the delivery just in time of our anti-vibration seismic mounts

Customer Service

Our engineers are available for site measurements on machines and support you during the installation phase of our single and multiple spring mounts, elastomeric dampers, elastomer mats, anti-vibration feet, etc